Monday, November 2, 2009

more than i can chew?

I seem to be just a little behind.  This is not an excuse mind you, just a fact.  Apparently November is the National Blog Writing Month (NaBloWriMo); who knew.  So although it is November 2nd, I am still going to give it a go.  The annual challenge is to post each and every day throughout the 30 days of November to your blog.  This is a challenge indeed, especially since it's all I can do to squeeze one post out each week. 
But the reality is I want to cook more, write more, and photograph more with the intent to improve in each of these areas.  This is going to take some serious organization, something that I am still in the process of conquering. 
  I know that one month won’t get me to that point, a lifetime is often not long enough, but to inch slightly toward that goal is more than enough for me.
My initial thoughts are to organize the month by breaking it down by weeks. One week might focus on seasonal ingredients that are available right now and using those ingredients in different applications.  Another week could be exclusively devoted to making fresh pasta, tips and techniques.  Maybe another on base notes and top notes of flavors.  The balance of sweet, sour and salty tastes.
I do however reserve the right to change my mind and post on whatever the heck I feel like. I’m not great with structure and I tend to change my mind frequently.
So with that said, I better start going through the piles on my desk.


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  1. I heard about the challenge, but know that I cannot commit to a daily post, but I'm glad to see someone up to the challenge. Kudos!