Thursday, April 17, 2014

sharing what's next

After 5 years and 130 blog posts I'm saying good-bye to 5 foot gourmet.  Life is an ever changing ebb and flow and this blog is just one those chapters that is now closed.  Since back in October when I left a full time position in retail, I have spent many an hour praying and seeking the Lord with what is next. There have been several moments over the last few months of saying "Here I am, send me" similar to Isaiah (Isaiah 6:8) although without the intense heaven scene. At my core, I desire to serve God and to give Him pleasure.  I desire to bear fruit that lasts and to not have any regrets over wasted time. As best as I can figure I feel like my gift set is smack dab in the center of people and food all wrapped up in faith, like a cozy warm blanket. 

Sharing life and food around the table is where bonds are strengthened and where we are nourished not only physically but emotionally as well.  I am passionate about what kinds of things can happen around the table. It is an opportunity to serve one another with what we have made with our hands. A chance to connect and engage, to slow down and really pay attention to those that are right in front of us.  Were the electronic devices are set aside and distractions are quieted(unless you have little ones..and then that's just a season)

So with 5 foot closed, I would like to introduce you to A Shared TableThis new format is an opportunity for me to share more specifically about my passion.  I'm excited to see where God will take it, I have given it to Him to do as He desires.

This is an excerpt from a book I recently read called "Your beautiful purpose-discovering and enjoying what God can do through you" by Susie Larsen.  It spoke to me, I hope it speaks to you too!

"Sometimes it feels like waiting, training and discipline all seem like a waste of time.  It takes maturity and humility to wait on God and His timing.  The process strengthens and prepares us to last long and finish strong.  When the dream seems far off and my flaws and foibles cloud my view, it's the perfect time to be still and know that He is God (Ps. 46:10) God knows how to speak to us in a way we'll understand.  He knows what's in us that will hurt us later if we're not rid of it.  He's so protective of us, so loving toward us that He'll never send us out unprepared.
If you are waiting, not-yet season, slow down and let the Lord speak to you in this place.  And when He does speak, do not harden your heart.  When he addresses a weakness in your life, don't shrug it off like it's nothing, because it's something. And when He points out an area of inconsistency in your life, don't crumble in despair like your nothing, because your definitely something! He disciplines those He loves.  He invests in you because He intends to use you greatly."


"Those who look to Him are radiant, their faces are never covered with shame" Ps.34:5