Friday, July 2, 2010

the journey

guilty pleasures.
and a love story.

These words could very well describe a new cinema production or be the “hook” on the back of a recently released novel on the shelves at the local bookstore. But in fact they are some of the titles and experiences I’ve had in my kitchen this past year.

This week marks the one year anniversay for the 5 foot gourmet. I’ve enjoyed this foray into the blogosphere. But probably even more, I’m pleased with what it has motivated me to do, with regards to cooking, recipe development, writing, photography and trying to figure out how to put an actual blog together (because I’m not very technical).

Looking back through the postings (all 92 of them) I saw that I tried some things that maybe, if I wasn’t blogging might just get put in the pile for “some day” or that I wouldn't have attempted at all.

I overcame my fear of the culinary torch, persevered in the making of quince paste and was determined (and probably a little insane) when I took on the challenge of National Blog Writing Month, posting everyday for the month of November.

Thankfully because there are so many wonderful resources available to us, I found inspiration on how to use passion fruit in cookies and a roulade.

I shared with you my obsession with squash blossoms

 confessed my compulsiveness at the farmer's market,

as well as a few guilty pleasures.

I invited you along on some field trips throughout the year, revealed things I’m thankful  for and even shared a love story.

This next year I’m hoping to explore some new methods of cooking and also to refine my skills in some of the classic techniques. I hope to synthesize the knowledge and proven wisdom from some of the great chefs past and present and hopefully apply it in a new way.

So I hope you’ll tag along on with me on this path…after all, it’s all about the journey.


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  1. Loved the post!!! Keep up the good work! Im looking forward to some seafood and/or meat posts. You know how much i love protein!

    love you!