Saturday, March 20, 2010

welcome spring!

The days are getting longer, the clocks are going forward and I can’t wait to get stuck into spring!

I am beginning to see the signs that spring’s wheels are in motion. The new lettuces, fresh tender peas, fava beans, rhubarb, and asparagus are appearing at my local farm stand. As well as those beautiful red strawberries, that are so juicy and sweet, they are just begging to be eaten.

I am a recent convert to the joys of fresh pasta and have been making up quite a few batches lately, experimenting with different ingredients and think with all of the wonderful spring bounty approaching a lovely pasta primavera will be on the menu.

Over the next few weeks I thought we would take the plunge into all that spring has to offer and put together some fantastic menu ideas for Easter: roasted leg of lamb…hot cross buns...lemon syllabub…rhubarb ice cream and more.

I am also curious to do some cooking with Verjuice. It is a sour juice extracted from unripe grapes. It lends a special flavor that seems to fall between light vinegar and a dry white wine.

I hope you will tag along and get inspired!



  1. Gorgeous photo. I love little flowers or budding flowers...

  2. Pasta Primavera, Roasted Leg of Lamb, Hot Cross Buns.....sounds like amazing food going to be served at my house!
    Five Foot's husband