Wednesday, March 3, 2010

my toolbox

A toolbox in the kitchen is basically the ‘nuts and bolts’ of cooking. These are the building blocks of the cooks’ repertoire, the recipes upon which hundreds of dishes are based. As the seasons’ change and new ingredients present themselves, it is the toolbox I turn to for inspiration. The idea is too take one recipe or technique and master it, so then you have the freedom to take it with you through the seasons.

I thought I would take the next couple of weeks and share with you some of my favorite toolbox recipes that are tried and true. From infused oils, vinaigrettes, spice mixes, and stock.

We’ll cover the sweet side of the toolbox as well with my favorite pastry base on which I bake tarts, pies, galettes, and cobblers. We will touch on vanilla custard or crème anglaise which pairs beautifully with numerous desserts and is also used as the base for creamy ice cream, whether fruit, chocolate or caramel flavored.

Lastly, we will end with cake or génoise; a vital basic cake and a building block for many confections. It is sturdy, firm, adaptable, and amenable to almost any flavoring. The génoise is to the French baker what the sponge cake is to the American baker.

This toolbox really works for me and I hope it will for you too!


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  1. next time we talk you should tell me more about this toolbox idea. it seems pretty cool.

    maybe i should take lessons.