Friday, January 6, 2012

starting from scratch

With the New Year upon us and all those resolutions listed out like a giant “To-Do” list, I thought that the idea of simplifying our lives in other areas could be helpful.  Living more simply, but doing it well. 
This will be the first in a series on starting from scratch, a review on the basics of simple food.  We’ll cover things like how to choose fresh ingredients,  stock a pantry and how to decide what to cook.  There will be a focus on essential cooking techniques learning the whys and wherefores and simple model recipes.  By learning some fundamental techniques by heart you then are free to enjoy the sheer pleasure of preparing and sharing simple food with your friends and family. Other topics covered will be how to eat seasonally, shop at farmers’ markets, and even plant a garden.  

I’m convinced that the underlying principles of good cooking are the same everywhere.  These principles have less to do with recipes and techniques than they do with gathering good ingredients, which is the essence of good cooking.

The foundation of this idea on getting back to basics is for us to bring the family back to the table.  Where we can share life and reconnect.  This to me is a huge part of what life is all about.   The idea of simplifying what seems to be an increasingly complicated concept I believe will be a breath of fresh air.  Living life simply and beautifully isn't a new idea, but it is one that deserves to be welcomed back home with open arms.


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