Friday, February 4, 2011

don't touch my pork belly!

Confession. If you would have asked me maybe five years ago what Charcuterie was or even how to pronounce it, I couldn’t have said.

Who would have thought that in a relatively short period of time I would now be, dare I say, a little obsessed with the topic.  To the point that when the mention of pork belly comes up I start clapping.  Yes, clapping.  Sadly I’m now one of “those” (whatever those are).

Just yesterday someone found out that I have a food blog and was asking me about it and what I’m working on now.  They should have known better.  I began on this dissertation with such animation, throwing terms around I figured everyone knows and was quite chagrined when they began to glaze over the conversation quickly diverted to something else..I think the weather.  Am I the only one that gets so passionate about pork belly?  Am I alone?

Well, in any case I am plunging head first into this meat adventure.  And yes, if you come over you might just see meat hanging from a rope in the kitchen, curing.  And no, 8 lbs. of pork belly hanging from a rope in the kitchen is not strange.  Believe me when it is cured and ready to be eaten it will be all worth the raised eyebrows.  I hope.

So today, thanks to Drew at The Meat House I am picking up my fresh pork belly that is flying in from a Quaker farm in South Dakota.   The book Charcuterie by Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn arrived yesterday.  I am dangerously close to beginning my meat adventure.

I’m so excited!


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  1. Wow. There are Quakers in South Dakota. I had no idea. And you can get pork from them?? Please do tell!!