Monday, June 14, 2010

welcome refreshment

When citrus, herbs and other bright ingredients are added to an ordinary carafe of water, it is deliciously transformed.

We have all heard that we need eight glasses of water every day for health, but if you’re like me that can seem a little mundane. So why not mix it up a bit and raid the fridge for some inspiration.

For the citrus-rosemary water I used some slices of fresh ginger, added some large strips of orange zest and gently crushed a sprig of rosemary that I had in my garden. For the lime-cucumber water, try some slices of lime, cucumber ribbons and either some fresh mint or in my case some summer savory. Steep the ingredients in water and refrigerate for an hour to develop in flavor.

I think you’ll agree these simple additions will make those suggested eight glasses of water that we are supposed to drink a much more interesting and flavorful endeavor.


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