Saturday, May 1, 2010

a bit peckish and a vacancy

There are some days when I just don’t feel like cooking. I would rather be lollygagging around in the garden keeping up on what is blooming or in need of a little pruning. On one of those days I stumbled upon a hummingbird nest that had been vacated, and now the branch that supports that little work of love is proudly displayed in a glass of water by my kitchen window.

I was getting hungry after my foray in the garden and just not in a mood to make some big production in the kitchen.

While rummaging around in the pantry looking for something to satisfy I came upon some Carr’s wheat crackers. I also had a few dates hiding behind the pickle jar in the fridge and just enough French Brie in the cheese drawer to justifiably smear on a handful of the crackers.

It may sound like a quirky combination, but rest assured it was delicious. Brie when properly ripened and brought to room temperature is soft and creamy. The flavor is rich, and savory with a slightly salty note. Dates, with their extraordinary sweetness and chewy texture, when paired with the Brie make for a toothsome snack.

So even though the little nest I stumbled upon in my garden had been empty and deserted, my hunger is now satisfied by that tasty tidbit.

Now…what to make for dinner.


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  1. Oh Shannon! This made me smile!! Thank you for sharing it. x