Friday, October 9, 2009

field trip

Living in Southern California I have to admit we are spoiled.  The mild climate, the almost constant blue skies, fabulous beaches and mountains in the far off distance, it's no wonder there are so many tourists every year.  We enjoy the privilege of eating outdoors most of the time, except for the few weeks in early spring when we may get a drizzle here or there.  The produce is so plentiful; it can be taken for granted.

The slight changes in temperature make it a lovely place to live, but the downside of that is the seasons are a little tough to differentiate.  Yes, there are those few trees that turn those beautiful golden hues that eventually end in a burnt orange, until they give up and let the wind take the leaves to their winter hold.  Which in my area is the gardeners' work truck.  But it's the palm trees that sway their green fronds, and the crazy bright bougainvillea that explodes in fuchsia, pink and orange throughout the winter months that is our typical.

So to get into the fall spirit I took a little field trip with my better half a few days ago.  We traveled about two hours southeast from my San Juan home to a small town called Julian, which is known for apple orchards and of course pie (always a bonus).  It is a quaint town with one main road about half a mile long, if that. 

It is dotted with antique stores, some with very odd names like: Pistols and Petticoats, Hog Heaven and of course Mustang Sally's Quality Re-Sale.  So yes, we didn't do much shopping, but were amused by some of the unusal items in these establishments.

After completing our tour of the town, I couldn't leave empty-handed, so we bought an apple pie at the famous Julian Pie Company.  It is a locally owned family business specializing in apple pies and cider donuts.  Some 17,000 trees provide apples for pies at their Julian location.
So after our purchase we headed toward the apple orchards, because I couldn't come all that way without buying some apples.  It was a beautiful day and an even more beautiful drive on quiet roads that lead past sprawling ranch estates, small vineyards and just the open expanse which isn't the norm back home.

We finally found the U-pick orchard that was recommended, and the only one that was open that day for picking.  Unfortunately, as it turned out the only thing left to pick was what was left on the ground, and I wasn't that desperate for apples.  So we ended up taking some nice photos instead of another orchard nearby, which as we found out was going to be open for picking the next day.  Go figure.
Thankfully, we have a pie.  Or had a pie.  It was delicious.


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  1. This is very captivating. I like the imagery in your descriptions :) The other day I was thinking about how I use the change in seasons to remember when things happened, so if I met someone in the winter, I surmise it must have been in a January/February class. And then I wondered how others in climates such as yours figure these things out...hmmm. I guess you all have better memory because the sun is always faithful to you! no pun intended, lol